These are the bugs in Jio Phone’s Latest Update

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Bugs in Jio Phone Tested on Version-   Kai OS 2.0 Release date: 18-08-2017 (QualCom)

Now almost all booked Jio Phone were sold, The process needs three steps to complete at city level. Now people are facing various problems with its firmware. Some useful options are missing from its firmware. It is very horrible thing. Jio trying their best to avail maximum features to this jio phone, but it seems that they underestimating some basic features of a this  feature phone. That’s why there are some bugs in Jio Phone

From various YouTube channels, you will find that, there is variety in Jio Phone. May be design will be different or processor or any other features. So it may possible that there will be different bugs in different version of Jio Phone. That is the reason I mentioned version of my Jio Phone on the top of this Article. Now lets talk about its Bugs:

Bugs in Jiophone
Bugs in Jiophone

Bugs in Jio Phone

1 . Back-light Always ON

Back-light was a bug from previous version of this OS. Problem with it is, it will be on 24 x 7. But in new Release, they introduced the option of Screen Timeout. One thing we should note is, default settings of screen timeout is Never. So please check the settings once to set it at proper time. To access this settings, Go in Settings >> Personalization >> Display >> Screen Time out (Last Option). So now you can mark this Bug in Jio Phone as a Solved.

Jio Phone Screen Timeout Settings
Jio Phone Screen Timeout Settings

2. Lagging Keypad

Its keyapad is lagging most of the times and this is the biggest bug, In most of the cases we need to restart it to work properly. There are various bugs in Jio Phone related to keypad listed as below

  • Lagging Keypad
  • Back button and Home Button is same so we can not navigate to home directly.
  • Unable to cut the calls sometime (need restart to work).
  • Shortcut keys are fixed (No option of customization)

As the home button and back button are same, we can not navigate to home directly. We need to quit the running app

to use other one. Next one is sometime we are unable to cut ongoing call so we need to restart it. Also the four navigation keys that is short cut keys are fixed, we can no customize it.

Jio phone keyboard
Jio phone keyboard

3. Lagging Firmware

Firmware of this Jio Phone is somewhat laggy, as per my experience, it lags when I use browser. It did not respond any keys. So again I need to restart it! So using Jio Phone now with this firmware is nothing but the playing the game of RESTART.  This is the biggest bug in Jio Phone. Hope very soon we will get update.

Hanged Jiophone
Hanged Jiophone

4. App Store

This Jio Phone has Jio Play Store, which has only apps of Jio and one other app is Government’s NM app. So without any third party app, we get less functionality. According to some tech bloggers, the different popular apps will be launched for Jio Phone after its customization and testing its compatibility with OS. Meanwhile you can check official Kai OS market HERE.

Jio Phone Play Store
Jio Phone Play Store

5. HotSpot

As mentioned above, this phone has different variety. There may be difference between two Phones. But at the end, the upcoming software update will be same for every Jio Phone. Currently some Jio Phone Has option of Hotspot, but they can’t use it, until Jio gives a software update. So currently we can consider it as a Bug in Jio Phone

Bonus Point:

How to update Software of Jio Phone?

Instead of going in care center, you can update your Jio Phone yourself. To check latest software update perform the following steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Turn ON  data connection
  3. Click on Device Information
  4. Click on LYF software update

All set! If there is any new software release, your mobile’s Firmware will be updated.

Jio Phone Software Update
Jio Phone Software Update

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