YouTube Trending Algorithm and Its Crack being used by Scammers

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YouTube Trending Algorithm and Its Useless Crack

Note:- This article is for educational purpose to understand Youtube trending page algorithm and to make awareness in People. In some countries people are thinking that some members of YouTube making this SCAM. This article is to clarify such misunderstanding. Magnifiers Hub never promote such hacks and cracks.

Now a days,  you may  see that some Youtubers making videos under Title “Youtube Scam”. What is that? Whats going wrong exactly? Let’s see that.

What is One video in Youtube Trending?


Can you imagine that, you create a new channel, upload a new video and next day your video is on YouTube Trending page! Is it possible? You will say obviously no. But some people’s are playing with YouTube algorithm with some but hard to implement techniques. I will give you an example. See the following image, Is there any meaning of Trending this video on YouTube? खजूर के फायदे???


      If you clearly surf through the channel, you will find that, the channel has only one video and subscribers are hidden. Main thing is that, videos are monetized! Which clearly show that everything is going on for money! Some people saying this as a scam of YouTube employee and all, but read the real truth behind this:-
Following are the observations which cracks the Youtube Trending Page algorithm

Observation 1:-Video length is shortened in seconds or in very few minutes.

       If you observe properly all such videos are in seconds or in few minutes less that 2 minutes. What is reason behind this?
1. Viewers will view full video
2. As per human Psychology, they will take a quick look of such videos
    By shortening the lenght of video, user will achieve both of point .
So YouTube algorithm will come to know that users are being engaged by that video. And YouTube algorithm will show that to max peoples.


Observation 2:Topics or Headlines are chosen typically so that user will comment on it

     You can see that, Topics are not much interesting, some are really very bad, while some are related to adult content. Some videos are titled very wrongly so that user will comment on it. By this thing, uploader will achieve following-
1. To get lot of comments from user

     Now if uploader get successful in this step, YouTube algorithm will think that, users are engaging more and more in this Video. So again YouTube algorithm will spread it more.


Observation 3:Subscribers are hidden

     To prevent to get catch this trick in one look, subscribers are hidden. I mean, if you are watching video in Trending list,
Then you will expect subscribers in millions or at list in K. But if there are no subscribers or less subscribers, they will get caught.

What will they do with this trick?

By cracking YouTube Trending Algorithm and with one video in Trending page of YouTube for one day, user will able to crack monetization criteria of 10k in few hours, also in future, they may change the Channel name, and start using it properly. We know that, now a days it is not easy to get 10k views and get monetize on YouTube. So it’s just a black marketing of selling of “Monetized” YouTube channels.
But one thing is clear that only few people s are handling this black Market. As per investigation of some YouTubers, most such video has sound of same guy. So it is clear that very few peoples are doing this YouTube black marketing of Channels.


So share this article on your YouTube page if you are a YouTuber and you found this article helpful and also don’t forget to comment your suggestions and questions.

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